Handling information

  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep in a cool place away from heat and sunlight.
  • Bottle once opened should be used immediately.
  • Should not be mixed with antibacterial agents.
  • Apply 2 days before or after pesticide applications



Safety information


  • Our products are non-toxic to animals, plants  or human beings
  • They do not leave any harmful residues
  • They can be used for organic farming.
  • If they have to be used for chemical farming there should be a gap of 48 hours.



Direction for Usage of the products


  • Soil application: If liquid Use 250ml diluted with 100 lit of water. Spread this emulsion evenly in the fields.
  • Soil broadcasting: Mix 250 ml with 50kg of cow dung and 5kg of Rock Phosphate. Add water to make the mixture damp and cover it with a gunny porous bag. Mixing should be done in shade.  After 12 – 24 hours broadcast the mixture over 1 acre [0.4 ha].  If granules one or two bags  can be applied using the above procedure.
  • For best results use jointly with other products
  • Can be used with drip irrigation (fertigation) too.


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VEG-19 is a GRANULAR formulation for soil conditioning which contains strains suitable for all soils and climatic conditions. The product contains Azospirillum brasilense strains. These bacteria are in their dormant forms which were suspended in nanotech based liquid formulation loaded on inert clay (Bentonite) fillers.


Mode of Action

The dormant forms of Azospirillum on reaching the roots and leaves, germinate to produce fresh batch of active cells forming stratosphere and phytosphere respectively. These cells of Azospirillum grow and multiply by utilizing the carbon source in the root and leaf exudates. Azospirillum is highly competitive in the phyllosphere due to its nitrogen fixing ability. It secretes plant growth promoting substances [auxins, gibberellins, Cytokinins] like proteins, “B” group vitamins, ammonia and antifungal metabolites, which benefit the plant in a multi – dimensional ways.


The granules are excellent soil enrichment agents suitable for all types of soil to improve overall health of both soil and plants along with their produce.  Visibly we can see the bright green and luxuriant growth of shoot system within 7days.





  • For foliar spraying 10g per liter i.e., 100g for 1 pump of 10 lit (1 kg per acre)
  • For Drenching Plants 20g per liter i.e.,  200g for 1 pump of 10 lit  (2 kg per acre)


  • For better Results in soil broadcasting: Mix 20 Kg to 40 Kg Veg19 with 5000 kg of cow dung and 5 kg of Nitrogenous fertilizer and 20 Kg of BIOGOLD.   Add water to make the mixture damp and cover it with a gunny porous bag. Mixing should be done in shade. After 12 – 24 hours broadcast the mixture over half acre [0.2 ha].
  • For direct application dissolve 20 Kg of Veg19 in 400 Lit of water and spray uniformly on the irrigated soil. The mixture can also be used in drip irrigation after filtering if the product was not used before sowing.




Fixes atmospheric nitrogen and enhances photosynthetic activity to reduce usage of Urea, Ammonia etc and cut short expenditure of farmers to a tune of minimum 25%.

  • Protects plants from fungal infestation because of its property to secrete antifungal metabolites.
  • As viable populations of bacteria are maintained for 3 to 4 weeks, the growth stimulants secreted by Azospirillum are spontaneously absorbed by the leaves. This saves on the use of costly Plant Growth Promoting Stimulants, which are absorbed almost instantaneously by the plants.
  • The effects of Foliar Liquid Biofertilizers are SUSTAINABLE
  • Improves the quantity and keeping quality of the yield.
  • Minimum 30% increase in yield.
  • Being environment friendly does not disturb ecological balance. The vegetable, fruits and oils are not only very tasty but also fight against Ulcer, Diabetes and Cancer.



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