Handling information

  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep in a cool place away from heat and sunlight.
  • Bottle once opened should be used immediately.
  • Should not be mixed with antibacterial agents.
  • Apply 2 days before or after pesticide applications



Safety information


  • Our products are non-toxic to animals, plants  or human beings
  • They do not leave any harmful residues
  • They can be used for organic farming.
  • If they have to be used for chemical farming there should be a gap of 48 hours.



Direction for Usage of the products


  • Soil application: If liquid Use 250ml diluted with 100 lit of water. Spread this emulsion evenly in the fields.
  • Soil broadcasting: Mix 250 ml with 50kg of cow dung and 5kg of Rock Phosphate. Add water to make the mixture damp and cover it with a gunny porous bag. Mixing should be done in shade.  After 12 – 24 hours broadcast the mixture over 1 acre [0.4 ha].  If granules one or two bags  can be applied using the above procedure.
  • For best results use jointly with other products
  • Can be used with drip irrigation (fertigation) too.


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Use of motor powered sprayers to cover larger areas of cultivations wastes large quantities of agricultural inputs while spraying. Mist is purely herbal extracts like          Aloe vera. It gives efficient attachment and spreading of spraying materials to increases efficiency of all inputs.  Hence glossiness is improved & prevents chemical toxicity on plant leaves and flowers considerably.

  • Studies in the past have revealed an important advantage of Aloe vera gel and its binding, wetting and spreading effects on the leaves while spraying with motorized sprayer. This is due to its gel and glue like material easily adheres on the leaf surfaces.
  • In tropical countries extreme weather conditions prevail on leaf surface of vegetation. Foliar sprays of any material if mixed with the MIST can reduce the wastage of the costly input to a greater extent.  Our company has developed this semisolid gel suitable for all foliar applications.
  • MIST can be used for both organic and chemical farming if mixed with our other products to produce residue free food. Repeated use of MIST with other biofertilizers of our company can replace the use of costly plant growth stimulants and chemical fertilizers.


MODE OF ACTION:   The jelly starchy material as a glue make the spray materials to get fixed efficiently on the leaves.

PACKING SIZE:   100 ml HDP bottles


Application: Foliar spray 2 ml of Mist in one litre of spraying material.




  • Just 1 / 2 ml of MIST be mixed in one liter of any organic (BIOMAGIC & NITROVIN) or inorganic spray materials
  • For foliar spraying 10 – 20 ml for 1 pump of 10 lit capacity (100 – 200 ml per acre)
  • Spray this solution on leaves of the plants, preferably in the evening. For motor driven spray pumps using this binding and spreading agent increases more coverage of the foliar surfaces. MIST gives glossiness and also helps in establishing the flora on leaves.



Benefits:  Increases the wetting and spreading of all type of chemicals during the spraying even with motorized sprayer.  This binding efficacy increases the biological materials to act upon the crop plants for more duration.  Wastage of chemicals sprayed are decreased to a minimum percentage of 40 and above.


  • MIST fixes all type of spray materials effectively over the foliage to reduce wastage of money of farmers
  • Confers Glossiness and protects plants from fungal and bacterial pathogens  as a first line defense mechanism to avoid binding of disease causing agents after drying
  • Promoting growth, by their extracts which are absorbed almost instantaneously by the plants.
  • The help as adjuvant to effects Foliar Liquid Biofertilizers are SUSTAINABLE agriculture practices
  • Improves the quantity and quality of the yield.
  • Being environment friendly does not disturb ecological balance.


Handling information


  • Keep in a cool dry place away from heat and sunlight.
  • HDP bottles of MIST once opened should be used immediately.
  • Can be mixed with all spraying agents.




  • MIST is non-toxic to animals, plants  or human beings
  • MIST does not leave any harmful residues
  • MIST can be well BE MIXED WITH both organic farming and also chemical farming materials.


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