• Dormant beneficiary microbes in our products upon treatment with the highly nutritive substances of Bioenrichment start multiplying in billions of CFU within few hours of incubation in this concoction with water.
  • Bioenrichment is specially designed with Glucose, Fructose, Amino-acids, Proteins, Vitamins and electrolytes for conferring the microbes an effective triggering mechanism for rapid multiplication.
  • The reduced death rate and increased birth rate in hostile environment of the crop fields confer efficiency of our products performance in the crop field.


MODE OF ACTION:  The Starchy, Glucose, Fructose, Amino Acids, Proteins, Enzyme cofactors, Vitamins, Electrolytes etc well nourishes the newly born microbes to be very strong enough to do their nursing duties for crop plants.  When these microbes were eaten by protozoa, nematodes & micro-arthropods, all type of micronutrients were made available to the plants from their excreta.


Packing Size:   100 g Silver laminated pouches


Directions for use:

  • Just 1 / 2 grams of Bioenrichment can be mixed in one liter of any spraying materials of biofertilizers and incubated for just 20 to 40 minutes.
  • For spraying 10 – 20g for 1 pump of 10 lit capacity (100 – 200 g per acre).
  • Spray the solution on leaves of the plants after incubation, preferably in the evening.   For motor driven spray pumps adding MIST with the products incubated in    Bioenrichment dissolved solution increases more coverage of the foliar surfaces.



  • Bioenrichment multiplies biofertilizers manifold and thereby help farmers economically
  • It helps strong establishment of the beneficiary flora and fauna in the farm lands for reducing the fertilizer requirement
  • Promoting growth, by their organic nutritive substances which are absorbed almost instantaneously by the plants.
  • The help as adjuvant to effects Foliar Liquid Biofertilizers are ascertaining the SUSTAINABLE agriculture.
  • Improves the quantity and quality of the crop yield.
  • Being environment friendly does not disturb ecological balance.




  • Keep it in a cool dry place away from heat and sunlight.
  • Silver pouch of Bioenrichment once opened should be used immediately.
  • Can be mixed with all bio-agents.




  • BIOENRICHMENT is non-toxic to animals, plants  or human beings
  • BIOENRICHMENT does not leave any harmful residues
  • BIOENRICHMENT should be kept away from children, should not be used for any other purpose, if spills on eye, nose or mouth wash with excess of water and if irritation persists consult a medical practitioner.