Biogold Granules


Handling information

  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep in a cool place away from heat and sunlight.
  • Bottle once opened should be used immediately.
  • Should not be mixed with antibacterial agents.
  • Apply 2 days before or after pesticide applications



Safety information


  • Our products are non-toxic to animals, plants  or human beings
  • They do not leave any harmful residues
  • They can be used for organic farming.
  • If they have to be used for chemical farming there should be a gap of 48 hours.



Direction for Usage of the products


  • Soil application: If liquid Use 250ml diluted with 100 lit of water. Spread this emulsion evenly in the fields.
  • Soil broadcasting: Mix 250 ml with 50kg of cow dung and 5kg of Rock Phosphate. Add water to make the mixture damp and cover it with a gunny porous bag. Mixing should be done in shade.  After 12 – 24 hours broadcast the mixture over 1 acre [0.4 ha].  If granules one or two bags  can be applied using the above procedure.
  • For best results use jointly with other products
  • Can be used with drip irrigation (fertigation) too.


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Biogold granules are composed of consortium of beneficiary soil microbes containing Phosphate solubilising bacteria along with biologically derived proteins and amino-acids for the natural supply of bio NPK along with fermented micronutrients. It is an efficient root developer for high nutrients absorption and improves soil health.  Visibly we can see the luxuriant growth within 7 days.  It naturally increases photosynthesis, new roots formation and increases the yield by 30% or more.  It also protects the crop plants from many fungal  and  bacterial diseases.

  • Application: Recommended dose of 1 (20 Kg) or 2 Bags (40 Kg) of Biogold granules can be mixed  with  sufficient quantity of compost or manure or with any other  fertilizers at the zeroing of the field.  Repeat once after the de-weeding was done.


Benefits:  A minimum of 20 to 30 % or more increase in yield was observed.  Other substantial benefit noted was increased fertility of the Soil. Conversion of Chemical farming soil to go for transition towards organic farming could be achieved.  Good aeration and water percolation can improve overall soil health and ideal C : N ratio for organic farming.  It removes hydrophobicity by reducing EC value and adjusting the pH suitable for good growth and yield of the crops.    By bringing back the balanced ecosystem the food chain and web are restored to improve overall health status of human and also giving tasty food for all.


Packing: 1 Kg, 5 Kg and 20 Kg.


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